Mother Donna Arnold and St. Stephen's Episcopal ChurchSt. Stephen’s Episcopal Church’s Holy Mission

St. Stephen’s was established for the intention of providing outreach and service to the community. Gratefulness for past help, and a desire to respond as best God may give us the ability to do, is our goal. Our long-term plan places trust in the tenacity of this paris, as evidenced by its past history, its steadfast present, and its hope for the future. May God bless St. Stephen’s Parish, and use her to His glory.


Church News

Insight is St. Stephen’s newsletter. The latest issue can be accessed in PDF format by clicking the link below.

Stained Glass

Our stained glass windows are art treasures, which are an integral part of the church edifice. Our recent window restoration project was a brilliant success.

Keep the Spirit Alive

Newsletter & Website

Communication with parishioners is vital if the church is to survive in this fast-paced electronic age. We need your monetary donations to continue the website and newsletter throughout the coming years. All monetary donations to the church are tax-deductible. Please click here to donate.

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